Datado Playboy Lesa

Joint winner of the 2018 Poldark Trophy
Datadoo Playboy's Lesa
Lesa was born in July 2017 to RS Datadoo Leibherr by AI to our imported sire J&R Spirit's Dakota Playboy (USA). We always thought she was a promising kid and judges seemed to like her too, as she had wins at Callide Valley, Rockhampton and the Ekka. She kidded at 12 months old in July 2018 with a lovely well attached udder and small teats. She placed 6th in the big 1st lactation udder class at the Ekka.
As of February 2018, her milk production is: 217 days in milk, 652kg milk, 4.75% BF and 3.68% P.
She has just been mated to kid for the second time on her 2nd birthday.
Congratulations also to the co-winners Robert Sparks and Cedarvale Park Fragrant Rose.
Thank you to the Wright Family at Poldark Stud for donation of the trophy.

3 Even" Star Stud goatlings, all between 18 to 22 months old, Saanan, and from very good milking lines.

Also 3 Even'Star Stud kids, all Saanan, between 6 to 8 months old. Also from excellent milking lines.

 Asking price for all : 250.00 ea

Please contact Miranda and Macushla Boyle
Lockyer Waters QLD